عکس بازیگران عکس بازیگران

Effect of an instructional scheme on post mastectomy exercises in breast cancer

Shereen A Qalawa, Sanaa M Alaa Elden, Enas I El-Sheikh, Hoda W El-Gawly, Ahmed M Elzawawy


AIM To study the effect of implementing an instructional scheme for mastectomised women regarding post mastectomy exercises in breast cancer.

METHODS Fifty-four female patients were studied at the oncology clinic of Port-Said General Hospital in Port-Said city, Egypt. A one-group pretest-posttest pre-experimental research design was used to conduct this study, with pretest, posttest and follow-up assessments. The assessments were used to evaluate the effect of an implemented instructional scheme for mastectomised breast cancer women in improving knowledge and practice towards arm exercises.

RESULTS There was significant improvement in patients’ knowledge on the importance of arm exercises post-mastectomy following implementation of the instructional scheme from 53.7% to 100%. Non compliance with exercises also significantly declined following the implementation of the instructional scheme.

CONCLUSIONS Implementation of an-instructional scheme for mastectomised breast cancer patients is useful in increasing and improving  patients’ level of knowledge and compliance with exercises.


Instructional models; Mastectomy; Exercise; Breast cancer; Egypt

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